PCI Express



  • Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification, Revision 1.1

  • Integrated 1-Lane PCI Express PHY(2.5Gbps)

  • Compliant with 1394 Open Host Controller Interface, Specification Revision 1.1

  • Supports Provisions of IEEE 1394-1995 Standard for High Performance Serial Bus and IEEE Std 1394a-2000

  • Provides tree 1394a Fully Compliant Cable Ports at 100/200/400 Megabits per Second (Mbit/s)

  • Logic Performs Bus Initialization and Arbitration Functions

  • Encode and Decode Functions Included for Data-Strobe Bit-Level Encoding

  • Incoming Data Resynchronized to Local Clock

  • Data Interface to Link-Layer Controller Provided Through 2/4/8 Parallel Lines at 49.152 MHz

  • 24.576 MHZ Crystal Oscillator and PLL Provide TX/RX Data at 100/200/400 Mbps

  • Cable Power Presence Monitoring

  • Programable Node Power Class Information for System Power Management

  • Embedded Bus Holder Isolation to Link Layer Controller Interface

  • Optional On-chip Resistors to Reduce Component Counts for Electrical Isolation to Link Layer Controller Interface

  • Fully Compliant P1394a 2.0 PHY Map

  • Separate TPBIAS for Each Port

  • Fully Interoperable with IEEE Std1394-1995 Devices

  • Cable Ports Monitor Line Conditions for Active Connection to Remote Node

  • Self Power Up Reset and Pinless PLL to Reduce Component Counts on System

  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/ VISTA