UHF 433 MHz RS-232 adapter



  • UHF 433 MHz

  • Configure RS-232 parameters via COM port

  • 1 to 1 connection will Ack the data

  • 1 to N broadcast will not Ack the data

  • Cable replacement, >200 meters


  • PDA, POS, Smartphone

  • Receipt printer

  • Bar code reader

  • RFID reader

  • IC card reader

  • MSR card reader

  • PLC, CNC machine

  • Robot, UAV

  • SCADA, data collector


  • Support TXD/RXD/CTS/RTS

  • Frequency bands: 433 MHz@FSK modulation

  • TX power: up to 17 dBm @ 433.92MHz, Distance: 200-300m

  • Low consumption: TX: 30mA, RX: 14mA @10dBm

  • RF Data Rate : 100 Kbps

  • Receiver Sensitivity: -103 dBm @250K bps

  • Support software and API setting for Baud rate option

  • Baud rate: 1,200/2,400/4,800/9,600(Default )/19,200/38,400/57,600/115.200 bps

  • Hopping Frequency: 433.3MHz, 433.6MHz, 434MHz, 3 Chanel


Network Architecture

Internet of Things gateway: (Please visit each product page for reference)
The adapter will be connected with the smart phone or Internet via the converters by
the RS-232 head to head.
1. WiFi RS-232 converter (TCP/IP)
2. Ethernet RS-232 converter (TCP/IP)
3. Bluetooth RS-232 converter (V2.1 SPP or V4.1 BLE)

Data Format

Configuration Software: (Windows)