Mini Key Chain

 Photo Key 


  • IP55 water resistant

  • Mini package
    Easy take by side, let you can use for more devices

  • Built in Several Profiles
    - Car mode
    - Luggage mode
    - Key mode/handbag mode
    - Note mode
    - Photo mode

  • Free app iOS/Android

  • Bluetooth 4.0 smart technology
    The lightweight compact mini key chains extremely energy efficient

  • Ultra low power last up to 6 month / High Battery life
    The battery runs six months and depending on your usage situation

  • Free APP download
    App is free download from Apple Store and Play Store

  • Multi-key tag



Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 4.0 smart (Low Energy support)


Coin battery CR2032

Receiver Sensitivity

- 94dBm at 1Mbps


- Battery holder

- Buzzer

- Action button for Pair/Alarm/Capture

System Requirement

  • iOS-iphone4s or above
    - ipad3 or above
    - ipad mini or above
    - ipod touch5 or above

  • Android - Support Android 4.3 and up on Bluetooth4.0Smart Ready devices



APP Features:

  • Secure
    - The PhotoKey is the solution to keep your iPhone/iPad, and valuables that are attached to the keychain, close to you

  • Alert
    - If you forget and leave your iPhone/iPad behind, PhotoKey reminds you by vibrating and/or producing an alarm sound. Or, if PhotoKey is attached to your keys and you leave your keys behind, the iPhone/iPad will sound an alarm to alert you

  • Setting
    - Change PhotoKey name
    - Buzzer ON/Off
    - Valid distance control

  • Free APP Download
    - support iOS & Android

  • Photo Capture Remote control
    - Capture on Photokey press & release
    - Camera front and back flip on PhotoKey hold for 1 second and release

  • Car mode
    - mini key chain remembers where you parked your car

  • Luggage mode
    - your mobile will automatically notify when your luggage arrives

  • Key mode/handbag mode
    - mini key chain will protect your key or handbag, don¡¦t annoy lost it

  • Note mode
    - make noted things by the mini key chain

  • Photo mode
    - non-stop snapshot feature