Skype Phone
Drivers download

Skype Telbox (ezSKY200) ( ver. )
Driver for MS Windows 98SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP
For Skype User

Software Download 

SkypeMate for Windows (Support Aup-01, 04, 08)
SkypeMate for MAC OS X   (Support Aup-01) beta
SkypeMate for Windows  (Support Aup-01, 03, 04)
  (Use * to switch between USB and PSTN)
SkypeMate for Windows  (Support Aup-01,03, 04)
  (Use ** to switch between USB and PSTN)
SkypeMate for Linux  ZIP file For Fedora Core 3
  Support Aup-01, 03
Skype for Windows
Skype for Linux  RPM for Fedora Core 3

Brochure Download


Instroduction Manual
Aup-01(for MAC OS X)  @
USB Hand Phone (Aup-01)
USB Speaker Phone (Aup-04)
USB Telbox (Aup-03) / Manual
USB Hand Phone (Aup-01) For Linux @
For Other User

Software Download 

windows  (Driver for X-Ten, eyeBeam) 1.0.25
SJphoneMate for windows  (Driver for SJphone, Support Aup-01) 1.0.001
Net2phoneMate for windows  (Driver for net2phone)
VoipBusterMate for windows  (Driver for VoipBuster)
GoogleTalkMate for windows  (Driver for google talk) beta1
NortelMate for Softphone i2050  (Driver for Nortel IP Softphone i2050) 1.00.02
X-Lite, X-Pro or eyeBeam for windows  from Xten @
SJphone for windows @
Net2phone for windows @
Firefly for windows  Driver build-in, Support USB-P1K @
VoipBuster for Windows @
google talk for Windows BETA @
Nortel IP Softphone I2050 @